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Send up to 500 pics to all your contacts at once, instead of sending to one at a time

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Wouldn't that be a lot of convenience for you?
And to them because the pictures don't clog up their device space, they can choose the ones to save.

Live Stream Event

Attach the youtube live stream of your event.

Let your loved ones around the world who couldn't make it to the event doesn't feel missed out.

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Did we say that you can download invite as Image instantly?

Download invitation as image instantly

We do that too along with all other services mentioned above.

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Birthday, Baby Arrival or Anniversary party?

Use the same account to create an Invite for every celebration.

Reuse your account multiple times in a year.

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No need to give your email/phone to use our services ever.

You just need an Invite key to manage invite & to check RSVP.

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What else do I need to know?

Why should I create an invitation with eWeddingInvite?

There are many other similar services available online, so why one more?

eWeddingInvite is the only service that lets you create, save and share e-invite without getting email/phone in the first place. We let you do that with an anonymous account & it's free for 30 days.

We don't believe in marketing & forcing users to pay. Then how do we pay our bills?

Some creative people need something more in an invite to be unique & different from the majority, we provide them unique features for a reasonable fee.

Six months after the event, nobody remembers what invite is shared, except the person who created it. For him the invite still provides value.

Those are people who keep the invite active even after 2 years, because for them it is a memory.

Some of our unique features are

  • → Invite has your name on webspace (
  • → Invite shows your wedding gallery
  • → Invite tells your love story with words, pictures & videos
  • → Invite shows your event live
  • → Invite shows directions to the venue
  • → Invite reminds about the date of the event to the guests via calendar events
  • → Invite reminds about the days passed since the main event to you
  • → Invite collects RSVP from invitees.
  • → QR code for your Invite.

Know more at our blog @ What makes online wedding invitation service unique?

What is Invite Link?

The e-Invite created needs to be hosted in webspace and assigned a specific link ( for you to share with friends & family.

After creating an invite with us, you can attach a custom domain name like ( to point your invite. Your invite can become a complete website and your wedding brand.

No one can find out that used online service to create invite once you attach a domain name.

It becomes easy to remember your invite name, so it becomes easy to invite for your event.

What is Invite key? lets you create e-invites for any event. We do not collect personal information like phone or email to create invite using our service. This way we differ from all other services available online.

Every invite created with us has a unique key called invite key which can be used to login to an anonymous account to update the invite details.

Why do I need an anonymous account?

Many other service providers provide free e-invitation service by selling other associated services related to the event. Remember if you get something for free you become the product.

They will not let you create e-invites without getting your phone or email in the first place. Your phone/email will be then used to market event-related services.

You need an anonymous account to protect yourself from all those annoying marketing calls & emails.

Is your service completely free?

Yes, our invite service is free for 30 days. We also have a premium/platinum account with validity up to 1 year with more unique features.

What advantage premium & platinum users have ?

Platinum users get a domain name with one-year validity. For example if you are John & your spouse is mary, then you can get a domain like

Invitation gets loaded from & You can create up to 10 invitations per year.

A single account can be used on multiple events. For a birthday you can make, for anniversary you can make an invitation like

Both premium & platinum invites don't display any branding information or ads on the invites.

You can send unlimited invites through email, WhatsApp or social media.

Both Premium & Platinum invites are served from a separate dedicated server, so the premium/platinum invites always load faster than free invites.

Complete list of features comparison can be seen on our pricing page

What can I do if I lost my invite key?

For premium & platinum accounts you can recover your key with the transaction id received when making the payment.

Free users need to upgrade the account first & then submit a support request to add the invite to your account.

What happens if account validity is expired?

Once validity on your account is expired, your data will be retained for up to 30 days.

If you do not extend validity by upgrading your account within this grace period, all your data will be removed permanently from our servers. Any Invite Link share or invite key you have will not work after account expiry.

Will the e-Invite work on all devices?

The e-invite work on all devices such as iPhones, iPad, Mac, Windows, Android & even on smart TVs as long as your account has validity.